Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Roseboro case could get very Funky

Angela Funk, you may already have heard, has hired an attorney.
But did you know why?
Word is that Lancaster DA Craig Stedman has been leaning on her hard.
By leaning we mean she's been called in several times for questioningSeems to me, if you need a statement from her you call her in once, get her locked down on the facts of the case, where she was, etc... and let her go.
If you're going to try to impeach her, you only need one statement. Unless you're first line of questioning wasn't thorough.
Anyway, the point is, Stedman musn't like what he's hearing from Angela. She has hired a lawyer either because the DA has threatened to charge her, or because she's being intimidated by heavy-handedness by the prosecution team.
The preliminary hearing is about a week away.
Stedman knows he's up against one of Berks County's finest. Surely Allan L. Sodomsky is a candidate to replace Emmanuel H. Dimitriou as dean of the Berks County defense bar.
There are others we simply chose not to alienate by dubbing Sodomsky, but he's certainly on the short list.
Getting back to our story, the Denver Nugget reports that Angela knows what happened the night of the murders and Stedman wants to squeeze it out of her prior to the preliminary hearing.
Also, Angela is a very physically fit woman as evidenced by this photo of her taken during a recent volleyball game.
Michael Roseboro proponents are floating the idea that she might have been lurking in the darkness. When Michael chickened out and didn't tell Jan he was leaving her, she took matters into her own hands.
How hard would it be for one woman to blitz-attack another woman, konk her on the head with an as-yet-to-be-found weapon, toss her into the pool and disappear into the night.
Maybe Angela, tired of waiting for her rich lover to leave his wife, stole the jewels as payment for the sexual favors she had granted Michael. The missing jewelry is a nagging factoid.
Could have been a straight out robbery, a blitz attack by Angela, or Michael could have taken the ring and other items to make it look like a robbery. That's one of the oldest tricks in the book.
My money is on Angela. After living right down the street from it all those years she was now so close to it she could taste it. She was tired of waiting and she took matters into her own hands.
Everybody who knows Michael has said they don't see him killing Jan. He's not the type. Maybe that's what was driving Angela nuts.
In any event, we'll find out at the prelim what Stedman has been asking Mrs. Funk.


Anonymous said...

For the sake of God, leave all those people alone. They are all fallen people and will be judged as such.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jesus, say it on the mountain!

Anonymous said...

I hope no one assumes that simply because she hasn't been charged, yet, that Angie Funk had nothing to do with this. It may be that the DA simply doesn't have enough evidence yet to secure an indictment. Or if he does, why on earth would he risk an acquittal if the evidence might not produce a guilty verdict. Double jeopardy means that if the verdict is not guilty, no one gets another chance at the accused.
The kicking aspect of the beating that Jan received, and the fact that she was beaten all over her body has always struck me as a "chick" thing. And that was long before we all knew there was a mistress. I just don't see the totality of the beating being done by Mike. Whoever beat Jan that horribly was angry, in a rage and having one hell of a temper tantrum. Perhaps a woman, who wanted a man, and Jan wasn't giving in that easily.... I'm just sayin...